My Projects

The stuff I do for my own satisfaction when I’m not doing the things I get paid for. Hopefully they provide value to others as well, or inspire some coding mad science of your own. Some are maintained better than others.

All Irregular and Strong Verbs by Frequency of Use

This course on Memrise includes all German irregular verbs (unregelmäßige und starke Verben) in the infinitive form, with 3rd Pers Sg. Präteritum and Perfekt forms. All verbs are arranged by frequency of use in German (source). Further, the Perfekt contains ‘hat’ or ‘ist’ (or both). Finally, there is a mention of the 2nd Person Singular form.

Window manipulation on Mac OS X using Mjolnir

Winter and Grille are two mjolnir modules for handling windows on Mac OS X. Winter is a general purpose module, while Grille extends Winter to support various grids. Both modules sport a fluent interface and allow for a readable and effective mjolnir configuration. These two modules represent my first excursion into Lua.